Pasta Lover’s Diary

About the book:

Pasta Lover’s Diary is my first cookbook consisting of over 70 pages of pasta, photos, family stories, and strong food opinions. In this book you’ll find a collection of 14 recipes that fall into 2 categories: dry pasta (aka from a box), and fresh pasta. I’ve also included a lil bonus dessert recipe!  Dishes range from the most simple pantry pastas like linguine with anchovies + garlic to full-on projects like borsch-inspired caramelle and all the farfalle, spaghetti, and pappardelle in between. These are accessible recipes that you folks can make and enjoy while taking minimal trips to the grocery store.

Let’s get something out in the open right away:  I am not a recipe person. I firmly believe that recipes are guidelines. In fact, I grew up in a house where we didn’t use recipes at all; we cooked based on feeling, smell, and taste. And in any case, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill recipes: I’m going to talk you through the steps and I hope you’ll hear my voice guiding you along the way. I’m excited to cook together💃

About the charity:

Originally, a portion of the proceeds for Pasta Lover’s Diary were donated to the Undocu Workers Fund, an initiative by Raise NYC to raise money for undocumented workers living in NYC affected by COVID-19. This initiative is no longer running so currently, a portion of proceeds will be donated to the Street Vendor Project - a group aiming to create permanent change in the rules and regulations for street vendors in NYC - vendors who are by-in-large immigrants. Throughout my life and especially during my decade+ working in hospitality, undocumented immigrants have been my coworkers, my neighbors and my friends. I can’t wait to do my small part in helping a community I care so deeply about.



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