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Creator. Cook. Carb-lover. Host.

About Me

If you’ve made it here, you know I’m obsessed with food. I’ve spent over half my life working in the restaurant industry, whether as a hostess at the local pub, a publicist for chefs and restaurants, or a line cook at an Italian mainstay in Manhattan. I’ve also documented a lot of my adventures on this little Instagram account called @foodloversdiary - have you heard of it?

Beyond my restaurant and eating experiences (of which there are plenty), it is my experience as the child of immigrants that has colored every part of who I am and has informed the overarching mission of my career: to highlight diverse and marginalized voices through the lens of food. And while I’ve spent almost every single day of the last decade learning about food, I promise I’m just getting started - so follow me on Instagram, sign up for my mailing list, and join me in spirit as I take on the culinary universe, one bite at a time.

"Food is my lens; it’s how I see the world."
-Emily Fedner

@foodloversdiary is Emily’s dedicated slice of the Instagram universe. What began as a humble, anonymous Instagram account has grown organically into a collective of over 100,000 food-loving followers.


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