Dumpling Lover’s Diary

About the book:

Dumpling Lover’s Diary is my digital cookbook dedicated to the pursuit of stuffed dough. In this book you’ll find a collection of 16 recipes that span the globe, from my Babushka’s potato vareniki to cumin lamb manti and all the shrimp wontons, spam dumplings, and crab rangoons in between. If you’ve never made a dumpling before, I understand that it might seem intimidating! But I’ve done my best to provide substitutions, solutions, and options to make your life easier. If you’re anything like me, dumpling-making will become one of your favorite ways to relax and get creative. I hope you’ll hear my voice guiding you along the way. Let’s EAT!

About the charity:

Welcome to Chinatown is a grassroots initiative that aims to support, revitalize, and honor the culture of Chinatown. COVID-19 wreaked havoc on small business everywhere but Chinatown was hit especially hard. I can’t wait to give back to the community that made me fall in love with dumplings in the first place and the neighborhood that truly makes NYC feel like home.



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